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Welcome to Future Plus Enhance your skills with best Online courses

Future Plus Academy is a Higher Education Solutions company which is catering to the ever-growing segment of working or non-working professional in the country. As an Education Institutional Specialist, we understand you and your investment desires and hence offer you the best franchising solutions suiting your investment appetite. It gives us an immense pleasure to introduce an exciting College Franchise with robust business model that will help you grow higher.

The three of us are investing time for this venture only with the intention to recreate the future of pupils who have a fix. We realized their (your) impulsiveness, urge to seek, smartness and the strong vision to gain education. But the important thing is missing a helping hand or missing someone who realized their situation. So here we decided to start this venture and launched on April 9th 2021 after the planning of years. And here we become different.

Study, have fun, uncover a new passion or learn skills.

We are helping you to move on wholeheartedly with introducing the benefit of distance education . Study, have fun, uncover a new passion or learn skills. We add on some external push for your future, even if it is dropped halfway. There is a chance for you with distance courses. So, we are paving a path for you to succeed. We deliberately invite you to join us and we confidently ensure the safety of your future in all spheres of career we come up with what you want and what you need as well as what you have. We considered you as one of us. We were failures, but we changed and we are ready to change you and the world. Future Plus Academy is the best education centre among private institutions.

They provide NIOS Online Teaching for SSLC and Plus two as well as certified universities Degree courses too. So it is completely a full package of your future. Study, have fun, uncover a new passion or learn skills that just may change your life. Become an online Education student, it’s easy. Take online Education courses at your pace, at home or in a cafe. We help you to learn through cool tools, videos and game-like labs, like our 3D virtual molecule builder.

What We Offer?

Best Mentors

We offer best faculty members to teach.

Best Classes

We help you to learn through cool tools, videos and game-like labs.

Whatsapp Monitoring

We offer Subject related whatsapp monitoring by subject specialists.

Affordable Fee

We provide you affordable fee and friendly assistings.

Our Vision & Mission

Spreading education all over the world. Sprinkling the inevitable need of education upon the world. We achieved our goal in the base section of education, and we are not tired and trying to establish other projects.


Our projects

NIOS 10&12

Mentoring programs for High school

Degree Courses of reputed universities

Alma Mater - A complete language

Our Certification